The Fun of Sex In Public Now

Having sexual relations does not only consist of the sexual act itself. The eroticism plays a fundamental role.

Where does the concept of eroticism come from?

  • Eroticism: It comes from the Greek eros (pleasure, desire).
  • The word comes from the Greek where the expression eros means desire or pleasure.

Eros was considered a divinity. Descendant of Hermes and Aphrodite or Artemis, he was the youngest of the gods. He was worshiped and influenced artists, philosophers, etc.

For long periods of history eroticism has been something forbidden, censored and controlled with the idea that it caused doom and immorality in men (in fact, eroticism has always been present in religion). As you go for sex in public videos you need the best choices there.

What is eroticism?

It is expressed through gestures, looks, the environment, etc. Although there are no exact definitions in this regard, eroticism refers to everything related to sexuality , both the sexual act and desire and its projections. When we talk about eroticism, we are identifying it with sensuality and sexual desire (as opposed to love that is considered related to feelings, the soul, etc.).

How can we enhance our eroticism?

Erotic games will awaken sexual desire.

Many people have automatic and monotonous sex, putting eroticism aside. Take note of these tips to increase desire and seduction:

  • Provoke your partner. A call, an insinuating voice, wearing sensual underwear can quickly wake up “the flame”.
  • Take care of the intimate space with your partner.
  • Learn to speak with the body in a sensual way. Take care of the looks, the gestures, the movements, the touch, etc.
  • Use oils or creams to touch your partner.

Take advantage of the magic of the kiss to create an erotic atmosphere. Kissing and using the lips is a very powerful weapon to arouse sexual desire.


While the researchers claim that most do nothing significant to increase sexual function, they found that a mixture of various supplements may be the solution. Combining vitamins A, B, C, E, zinc, Korean ginseng, ginkgo, and Damiana leaf had a demonstrable effect on women’s desire and satisfaction in some pilot studies. As always, check with your doctor before starting any vitamin complex.


Desire doesn’t start with sex, but with imagination and foreplay. Try to enjoy fun activities that take you out of the monotony in bed. The games are a good way to arouse desire.