Virtual Sex and the Right Solutions for You Now

Before going live, you should practice by recording your voice on the recorder or by sending a couple of messages to your partner in a recording. You should not play someone else’s role, unless you borrow a relaxed breath and sensual rhythm of voice from the workers of “phone sex”.

When you call a partner, make sure that he is alone and disposed to such activities. At the beginning of the conversation, you should ask how his or her day went and make conclusions about whether to continue the conversation or better to postpone it another time. Simply  click here

  • To make the conversation as natural as possible, we recommend arranging a foreplay a day long by sending playful messages, photos or videos to her lover.
  • Just before the conversation, you can get a little fooled by sipping half a glass of wine and playing a little with a sex toy alone, fantasizing about a partner. At such moments, creative ideas come to help support the upcoming conversation.
  • During the conversation, try to maintain a dialogue mode – listen to what the partner is saying and develop the thoughts that he started. In the format of phone sex (as a matter of fact, during any sex with a partner) it is not forbidden to use a sex toy. And if your favorite vibrator is quiet, then the partner may never realize that the sponsor of your stormy orgasm was not only his sexy voice on the other end of the wire.

How to have sex on Skype?

Virtual sex on Skype online is one of the most popular activities for couples in remote relations. Of course, communication in which you can look into the eyes of a partner, albeit virtually, helps you stay alert to a huge number of lovers who, for various reasons, find themselves far from each other. The “telebridge” format creates a picture as close as possible to real communication and perfectly removes the psychological stress that inevitably arises in separation. And sex on Skype, subject to proper preparation, can turn into your new fetish.

Yes, this pleasure is not for weaklings and requires considerable courage. However, if you are not a timid dozen, you love your body and know how to enjoy masturbation, you will like to do this with a partner.


Dim the light while providing a sufficient amount. For example, place a table lamp near the “movie set”, but do not direct the light directly at yourself, but at the wall. Take a tablet, phone or laptop (the latter is preferable) to the bed, placing it on several pillows. Tilt the monitor slightly down: from this perspective, most people like themselves.